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Retrofit Kit, 600REK - 300-0636
Retrofit Kit, 600REK - 300-0636
Retrofit Kit, 600REK - 300-0636
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Retrofit Kit, 600REK

Item #: 300-0636
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    The industry standards have been changing to include stronger cleaners. SMT is pleased to announce that we are stepping up to meet these new cleaning standards.

    As always SMT will continue to save you water, time, labor, while giving you effective odor control. With pressures as low as 400psi and as high as 1100psi.

    Now we have added the ability to choose between more chemical options.

    If you have an older 600REK you can now add chemical injection after the pump to your existing system!

    The intent of this retrofit is to eliminate contact between the non-diluted chemical supply and materials in the chemical injection system.

    The retro fit kit will now come standard on all NEW REK/WCK units moving forward.

    Fixed Stainless Steel Chemical injector- 1.8mm orifice, 2.0-3.0 GPM, Rated Pressure 5500PSI

    Injection after pump connected inline with peristaltic pump.

    With the injection after the pump, the system can handle more choices for chemical cleaners.

    Recommended to use a # 60 nozzle on spraygun for cleaning efficiency.

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