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Airless Foamer/High Pressure Dual Wand - 300-5418
Airless Foamer/High Pressure Dual Wand - 300-5418
Airless Foamer/High Pressure Dual Wand - 300-5418
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Airless Foamer/High Pressure Dual Wand

Item #: 300-5418
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    Foamer And HP Spray Wand
    Designed for use with 2.2 - 3.5 GPM pressure washers
    Chemical injector at the pressure washer output eliminates the need to carry chemicals
    Wet, clinging foam and increase chemical contact time and effectiveness
    Foam impacts at a lower pressure than spray, allowing a pressure washer to be used on more delicate surfaces
    Use the fan pattern foam nozzle for wide coverage or the zero degree foam nozzle for increased range
    Quick connect the fan pattern sprayer nozzle to apply a chemical spray
    Your equipment is protected because no chemical passes through the pump
    Industrial-strength, all stainless steel design ensures durability and reliable performance
    Achieves chemical concentrations up to 7:1
    HP nozzle on spray wand for rinse.
    Easy quick disconnect for interchangeable with the spray gun

    About Kennel Cleaning

    SMT has been manufacturing cleaning systems since 1983 and has been the number one selling pressure cleaning system in the animal industry for the past 18+ years. Utilizing a SMT system helps protect you and animals from harmful bacteria, odor, and disease while providing the clean you expect. A garden hose will use about 8-10 gallons per minute at 60-80 psi, SMT pumps export 2.2 gallons per minute at 1100 psi - up to 75% savings in water.

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